Cleanliness and protection for your life needs.

The basic needs of everyday life are simple but unavoidable. In HPP Europe’s products, cleaning and protection are combined with the ease of a soft natural wipe and spray.

HPP Europe Oy

HPP Europe in its current form was established in 2004, but the roots go back to the 1990’s, when the founder and CEO of the company Harri Hurmola invented the drying towel, nowadays, an integral part of a car wash in petrol stations. 

HPP Europe is a Finnish family company located in Hauho, about 130 kilometres north from Helsinki. In addition to Finland and other Nordic countries, our market area covers the rest of Europe. Currently, we are actively operating in ten countries.  

Our product development and production are based on environmentally friendly and sustainable development values. Cleanliness and protection, for you or your car, is the foundation of our strategy.

In addition to the production and marketing of our own brands, we are a major subcontractor for several other major industries. Our customer base includes retail and pharmaceutical wholesalers, oil companies, car manufacturers, restaurants and the catering industry.

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HPP Europe Oy
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